Character Interview: Cami Seim

Welcome back to another Saturday! It’s the second of November and you all know what that means! It’s the second day of NaNoWriMo!
Mad screaming…I’ll probably do a blog post about that next week.

I’m working on my novel Course to Earth and so today I’m going to interview my villain, which turned out to be something. Evil laughter. So hit it!

Sets up camera, pulls in chairs, pours tea, grabs script, and sits.

Welcome Cami!

“Tis most wonderful to be here, Emily.”

Good, good. Are you ready?


Question 01. What do you prioritize: Love, money, power, or knowledge?

“As a villain, I would say power. I have knowledge and money, and Erin gives me all the love I need.”

Erin makes a interesting protagonist.


Question 02. If given the opportunity, would you want to know how and when you died?

“No. They do say the worst thing for a human being to know is how they will die.”

I second that. Question 03. If you wrote a NaNo novel, would you be a planner, pantser, or plantser?

“What is NaNo exactly?”

Is it not around anymore in your day? Yes, of course. Those are writing terms. A planner is someone who plans out their novel on paper down to the detail. A pantser is someone who doesn’t plan anything, then simply writes with no plan and a planster is someone who has a vague or mental plan for their book. Which are you?

“Definitely a planner.”

I could have guessed. Question 04. If you could hit a reset button on your life, would you?

“I don’t think so. My life is going in the direction I want it to currently.”

Interesting. Evilly plots how to change that…Anyway. Question 05. How do you feel about bugs?

“Interesting question. I’m not a fan of them. I prefer everything around me sterilized.”

Naturally. Question 06. You’re at a dinner party. Where would you be standing?

“Among respectable people.”

Can you define respectable?

“I’d rather not. Carry on.”

Alright. Question 07. Have you any pets?

“I actually have a pet rabbit. It’s black and prefers to live in my bedroom. Not anything to do with the story plot. Simply a nice touch.”

I already know that. Question 08. What is your opinion on love?

“I believe romantic love slows me down. It may be different for others, but it doesn’t suit me.”

Question 09. Favourite color?

“Grey. Maybe red. Perhaps even blue.”

Did you ever pick one?


Oh. Question 10. Art?

“That was a very vague question. But in answer to your question, yes. I appreciate art. I am quite good at it myself. Not to brag.”

I shall have to see some one day. Have you enjoyed this interview?

“Yes I have.” Stands. “But I shan’t do it again in a hurry. I’m a busy man. Good day.”


Next week I will do a blog post about NaNoWriMo and how I’m faring with the challenge.

Until next time.


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