Invisible Crowns:

Genre: Futuristic

(not the official cover)


They say it takes a monster to kill a monster. Most humans are protected by the emperor—Kami Seim, supreme ruler of nineteen galaxies. But the few that wander by choice outside of his safe cities and reservations have a reputation. 

Erin Shadows is one of these humans–becoming a monster to simply survive. Kami would gladly ask her to rule at his side, but she’s been in survival mode ever since she became one of few humans who escaped during Earth’s demise. She has become the secret service’s most deadly agent–not for the sake of justice but because Erin has what some might call a death wish. Kami has tried to lure her out of a life of adrenaline and violence with the offer of the universe. But Erin runs free outside of rules with no need for public greatness.

Just as Erin believes she is at her prime, an attempt is made on Kami’s life before her very eyes. Livid that she failed to do what she’d spent her life perfecting—the art of offense and defense—she sets out to unveil the elusive attacker.

But she soon discovers that the offender might be closer than she realized. Normally she has the edge on the culprits she’s tracking, but this time they know she’s onto them. And they want to make it very clear she needs to abandon the search.

Or else. 

Erin starts walking a very fine line by putting the people who care for her most in danger as she defies the threats.

No one dictates her life. 

She would win. At any cost. 

Status: Second draft

(not official cover)


Genre: Fantasy/superhero

Synopsis: Some say you live up to the meaning of your name. But what if it went deeper than that? What if your name unlocked something deep with in you?

Call it magic, call it a blessing, call it a curse. It’s there, waiting to be activated and harnessed.

Lupa and her ability to shapeshift into a wolf.

Kage and his legendary skill with shadow manipulation.

Alarik, the prophesied ruler.

Rihanna, a foreign tyrant.

The Bestower: error, missing person…

Status: Plotting


Genre: Dystopian/war/suspense

Synopsis: File░is░classified.




Status: Barely on paper