Interview with Penny

Welcome back to the desk of ink stains. Another Saturday dawns on us and I’m freezing my socks off.

I have come to my second interview with a blogger: PennyTheBean, or just Penny, from Jane Austen’s Lightsaber. All my questions will be in bold and her answers will be in italics. So sit tight and enjoy.

Welcome, Penny! To begin with, how about telling us a bit about yourself?

I’m just a girl who likes to think she’s actually an elf. When I’m not writing stories for children, I’m geeking over Star Wars, obsessing about theme parks, reading children’s literature (because who wants to grow up?), tending to the dragons in my backyard, and figuring out every day life as God’s kid.

Sweet. Question 01. Why did you start blogging?

Great question! I started blogging because I had a deep desire to write and then share it with others. I wanted to share my thoughts about life, God, writing, and reading with people and to hear their reaction. It’s been hard at times, and I’ve made tons of mistakes, but it’s been amazing!

Sounds exciting! 02. Do you write seriously? As in, tried to write a book?

I do! I have written quite a lot in the past, and now I am moving towards getting published. It’s my highest dream as an author. I’m currently working on a novel right now that I have big plans for!

Wonderful! 03. I noticed that you have a lot of blog followers. How long have you been blogging?

I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned in just that small amount of time!

I’m sure! 04. Do you have any blogging tips for us?

Hmm, let’s see. First, I’d say just be YOU on your blog. Even if you’re weird! Don’t try to cover it up. People seem to like weird more than normal. Second, don’t be afraid to comment and follow blogs as much as you can! And only write that post if you’re having FUN doing it. When someone’s having fun writing a post, their energy is contagious and you’ll leave others feeling awesome too.

Since I seem to hear that a lot, it must work. 05. Do you have any pets?

I do! I have a dog named Buddy that I adopted from an animal shelter. He is spoiled rotten, loves to sleep, and he’s my little baby. Although my blog doesn’t feature this interest, I am completely obsessed with dogs.

I bet he’s adorable. 06. Going back to your novel…could you tell us a little bit about it? You sounded excited about it!

I really am! Unfortunately, because I’ve decided to into traditional publishing, I can’t say much about my stories until they’re much closer to being published. But I can tell you this: I would love to be known for writing action, adventure, and fantasy for children, and I’m working towards doing that exactly.

Keep working at it, Penny. 07. Is this your first novel to be published?

It is! I’ve been writing for years now and I’ve always known I wanted to publish. But recently I’ve been getting more serious about it. AND more excited about it. It’s been tough, but definitely worth it. I can’t wait to see where God takes me!

Years is a long time to be working on a book! Good job! 08. How long do you plan to blog for? Is this just a hobby, or do you want to make it something you would do for your whole life?

I’m not sure! I definitely enjoy it a lot – but I consider it more of my hobby, while writing is more of where I’m serious. That being said, I still hope I can do it for a long time. I really love creating the posts and sharing them.

I see. 09. Do you do art in any form?

Hmm, except for my writing, no. While I’m quite a visual person, I am not very artistic. Nor do I have the patience for it. XD I do play a small bit of piano, though.

Cool! Last question. 10. In your opinion, what’s better? Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

MILK. CHOCOLATE. Dark chocolate is just a bitter, evil plot to make people pay more for nasty food and subsequently take over the world. Eat milk chocolate.

Finally someone who agrees with me! 😆 This has been fun, Penny! Thanks for letting me interview you!

Thank YOU, Emily! I had a great time too! It’s my first time being interviewed, so it felt so special that you picked me! Thanks again! ❤️


Your are very welcome!

And so ends the interview with Penny! Remember how a long time ago, I interviewed the protagonist of my book? Next week I shall interview the villain of my book.

Have a good Saturday. Goodbye.