My Journaling Journey

As of January 1st, I have been journaling consistently for a full year. I wasn’t sure I could do it–I’d tried in the past to keep a diary but failed within two or three days. 

But I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it: keep a journal for a whole year.

And, yes, I did it!

And so I present my journey of doing so to you.

For the first few weeks, it was hard to self-generate things to write about, so I would use prompts to boost my inspiration. 

And then, I slowly began to find my own things to write about. 

What had been on my mind that day.

An idea for my book.

A four-page rant about someone who had been annoying me lately. 

Anything and everything was scribbled down. 

Most days I wrote a page, other’s two, some just a few sentences. 

As long as I was doing it every day.

And what I learned from this journey was this:

It taught me consistency. Just writing a few words every day helped me learn how to stay consistent when working on my novel. While it only took me about a month to make journaling a habit and six months to make working on my novel a habit, it was the first step.

Crawl before you walk. 

And the one thing that surprised me the most about journaling, is that it improved my articulation a tremendous amount. Before, I had found it difficult to pull all my thoughts together and explain something I’d learned. But after writing out my interests, experiences, ideas, dreams, revelations, beliefs, and thoughts on paper, I had solidified it all in my mind and made me more confident and collected when I spoke. 

And as I launch into another year of journaling, I’m sure I’ll uncover new benefits of the activity. 

Thank you for reading!


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