Heroes in stories and books shed blood, sweat, and tears as they go on adventures and face all odds to rock their world.

I like to see myself as such a hero: pouring my heart and soul into the demanding adventure known as writing.

On the outside, writing seems simple and dreamy. When one is lost in the pages of a masterpiece of a book, they don’t stop to consider what pains the author went through to bring that work of art to perfection.

You truly have to attempt the art of novel writing yourself to understand how much your heart has to be in it to succeed.

The odds that someone actually writes the end on the final page of their book is three in one thousand. So just like the heroes in those stories, I have set out to beat the odds and publish novels.

Novels that will shatter and reconstruct your heart and sanity over and over again.

Novels that present life’s greatest questions and grapple with them in the form of every readers favorite mentally unstable and angsty characters.

I write because the voices in my head want out.

Otherwise, they’ll take over.