If I Were To Meet My Characters: A Poem

If I were to meet my characters, I’d probably dance and yell,

For I’d be very glad to see them, you would be able to tell.

I’d get to look and see them face-to-face, without the barrier of one’s imagination,

My bright and thoughtful mind would be in a state of overstimulation.

Erin, even though I am your creator, the one who put together your parts,

You would most likely whip me in a game of poker, or hearts.

For I am not as good at games as you are, you see,

I gave your brain a huge card game and beating people capacity.

Jackson Maloch, you charming and laughable nincompoop,

If I were to meet you, I’d squeal, make a joke, and hoot.

For you were a stroke of sheer inspiration, so strong I scared my cat,

I was going to make you blonde, but my mind changed so enjoy your hair black.

Sander, so strong and brave, with so much good and tough wear,

If I met you, I’d probably tremble under your unwavering stare.

For you, grey fur, sharp claws – truly a wolf who is wonderful and the best,

You are the one I’ve shed more tears over than the rest.

Lily, Lily, so sweet and innocent, please teach me how to forgive,

Your endurance and generosity teaches one how to really live.

And keep on teasing Jackson,

He deserves it and it’s fun!

Jacker sort yourself out!

Because you didn’t follow her now all Erin does is pout.

And we all know why she’s in such a bad mood now!

Because you just disappeared and became a smuggler with a boom and a kapow.

Kami I’ve left you till the end and everyone understands,

Because the end is the most anticipated part of a story in all lands.

They pay most attention to the end with all it’s important things,

Any person who’s ever held a book knows the truth the end sings.


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