I can’t believe I did it…

I wonder how many people attempt to write a novel and then quit?

One google search later…

Okay, according to Google, 97%  of people who start writing a book quit before they finish it. That’s a lot.

And I’m not one of that 97%. That’s right, I finished my book!

(The book I never really told you anything about…) Oops. Let’s come back to that. So how did my NaNoWriMo go? 

Yes, it ended a while ago, and guess what.

I won NaNoWriMo!

For the first time, I punched that little competition in the face! No, I didn’t write the full 50k in the 30 days, but I did finish my novel! *confetti everywhere* Yaaay!

So what’s next? I finished my rough draft so what comes next?

Here’s the cheese: I took a 12-day break and felt like I was losing my drive to write. Which tends to happen when you just stop writing. I panicked, afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back into my writing flow and started the next phase of writing. I got so excited about what I was writing, I was pretty confident that I hadn’t lost my flow.

So what am I writing now?

After having 12 days to mull over the tremendous amount of words I’d just written, I realized something: I’d be redrafting more than just the first half of my book, I’d have to redraft the whole thing. So I grit my teeth, sat down, and started outlining.

But wait. Abi, didn’t you have an outline for your first draft?

Well, yes, but it needed some work. A lot of work. And so I decided to write a new outline now that I had a novel in front of me and could see what needed changing. I cannot believe I once thought outlining was boring. 


Anyway. Yes, I’m going to outline, write my second draft, and then I’ll update you on what’s next. At that point, I’ll let you in on what my next project is about. 

Stay tuned!

(What, you wanted a synopsis for my novel? Fine.)

Course to Earth: a synopsis:

‘Erin Shadows is opinionated, out-spoken, and has no small amount of wit. She is friends with the world leader: Kami, who runs the nineteen explored galaxies call the Kollectorian. And someone attempted to assassinate him.

Nineteen galaxies. One guy at the top. Somebody isn’t going to agree with his methods. As a personal bounty hunter of sorts for Kami, Erin is commissioned to find the offender and put an end to their violence. That’s fine, it’s her job.

But then Kami asks her to find something for him as well as find the criminal. And unlike finding a killer, this mission is personal for Kami. But someone else wants in on the power that comes with finding what Kami wants: Morm Dinastare, an enemy from Erin’s past who works closely with Morm as well.

He threatens Erin by telling her he’ll sell her to be a human attraction. Humans are rare in this futuristic world and human spectacles are a must-have in rich societies. But that would strip Erin of her individuality and voice. 

She can’t say no to Kami and he wouldn’t believe her if she accused Morm of such a crime.

She is trapped between the only two forces greater than her own mind: her influential friend and archenemy.’

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