Writers are insane…

Have you ever heard people call writers insane? Have you ever heard writers call themselves insane?

We want to write tens of thousands of words and then moan and scream and complain about how hard it is until we have a shiny book in our hands. And then you read it to see if all the fuss the writer made was up to the hype. 

And then they kill your favorite character? And then they hurt your favorite character? And then they make your favorite character cry?

Who are these people?? Why would they do that to my favorite character? AND WHY DO I WANT TO READ MORE??

Maybe bookworms are insane instead. 

But you’d think the writer was done. Satisfied with their work. But no, they want to write not just one book now, but a trilogy! And they’re going to spend all October writing an apprehensive outline before sitting down on November 1st and declaring they’re going to write that first draft of 50,000 words in only 30 days. Yep, were insane. 

Isn’t talking to one’s self a symptom of insanity?

I’m doomed. 

But I’m not talking to myself, per se. No, no, I’m talking to a dark assassin, a lonely princess, a vicious villain, a broken child. All people in my head who demand attention. 

Where were you going with this, Abi?

Oh, yes, insane writers. Them. 

Well, I took on the yearly challenge of NaNoWriMo. 5ok words in 30 days in my WiP.

No, I did not start a brand new story on the 1st, I have one I need to finish. 

And that story I’m wrapping up…I’m excited about it. 

The action. 

The drama.

But most importantly, oh, the internal conflict. 

I’ve discovered a lot about writing lately, been mapping out my writing path, getting excited about my future books. 

Oh, and this book I’m writing: Course to Earth. 

I want you to read it. When it’s done of course, but when it’s all polished up and has hit the press, you’ll want to own a copy. 

So I will attempt to get you excited and ready to read my story. I’ll attempt to keep my blog fun and active for you, I’ll attempt to–

Wait. Attempt?

No, no, I will.

I will get you excited and ready. I will keep my blog fun and active. I will write a book. 

Stay tuned. Things are coming. 

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