A Seething Crowd of Readers

I was thinking…

About my writing and my stories.

And about the original prologue my mom read from my futuristic novel.

I had no idea what she would say about it and what she did say struck me. She said it sounded more like a children’s book than the young adult feel I was striving for. 

And that got me thinking a little more. How do I fix this? How do I know who I’m writing for, what I’m writing about, and what depth I should write in?

Great question. I have an answer. 

Naturally I want to write for people like myself; teens in search for a gripping story, ample internal conflict, a degree of darkness, and–of course–some sort of a romantic side plot. 

People are attracted to the deep questions. Things like–what happens after death? What is time? What is reality? Do we have free will? 

And if you look at movies, songs, TV shows, books, scientific studies, and the news, we can see, the world has tried to answer these questions to the best of their ability. 

And 99% of them have failed. 


Well, well, I’ll tell you exactly why. They don’t use the Biblical foundation. The Bible has the answers to all these questions and yet the media continues to ignore said answers like the plague, and they even go in the opposite direction from God’s word to make it more entertaining or sell better.

And why do they do that? I could talk for a long, looooong time about why. But in short: we’re fallen sinners and we don’t want to take responsibility for everything we do. So it’s easier to have an ambiguous, non-consequential ending to life so we don’t have to be accountable for everything we’ve done.

Pretty sad, right?


And I can’t stand it! It’s absolutely ridiculous–which is why I strive to write stories that answer these questions correctly so you can finish the story with a sense of fulfilment–the story actually had meaning in the end.

It wasn’t another garbled theory of what the meaning of life is, or a cheesy answer to life after death. 

This is my goal: to write the truth. Not in a preachy, annoying way. But in a way that is clever and thought provoking–leaving the reader to remember the book for years to come. 

It’s a goal I cannot wait to achieve. 

2 thoughts on “A Seething Crowd of Readers

  1. Wow, girl, I LOVED THIS!!!!! And I like completely 100% agree with E V E R Y T H I N G!!!!!!! I have the same mission with my writing, too, to show the truth of God’s word in my stories!! 🙂 YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! *waving pom poms and cheering you on*

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