Dear Me in 2071

Dear me in 50 years,

I look forward to the future now–as a young person–and hold great expectations. Perhaps I shouldn’t have great expectations for my future, but that is something I find hard to help. 

Looking at technology now and how it’s progressing at such a rapid rate, I can only imagine what it will be like 50 years in the future. Will we be at the same point that technology is in my novel in 50 years instead of 1000? I can only wonder. How many missions to Mars will have been sent and how many space explorations launched? Maybe none at all. Maybe we’ll be raptured to Heaven long before.

And what of myself? Will I be the writer I dream to be? Will I have fans, a hundred published novels, and a successful blog? Or will I simply write just because I love it, with only a handful of people who care? And will I be content either way? Maybe I will have to learn to be content, despite my circumstances.

Is asking all these questions necessary? How about some advice to myself in 50 years: never stray from the Word of God. Always let the Bible guide every action and word, and apply its truths to your life. Always pray, always look for some way to bless those around you and those who are faraway. Keep going on mission trips, preferably the more… adventurous ones, where the Bible is needed most.

What else can I say? I often ponder if my life will change drastically in the future and how technology will affect the next generations.

I wonder if I’ll actually read this in 50 years… that would be interesting XD.

Anyway, so concludes my letter to myself in 50 years.


One thought on “Dear Me in 2071

  1. Abigail, I LOOOVE THIS!!!!!!! Man, I wonder what life would be like in fifty years, if Jesus hasn’t already returned by then, that is. 😉 And, girl, that last big paragraph, it was INCREDIBLE!!!!! <333

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