Summer, Auditions, and Life

Greetings friends and followers.

I realize that I haven’t made a post in a while, so after reading Jenna Terese’s post How I Never Run Out of Content Ideas, I thought I’d better get moving again with this newly gained knowledge on how to pump out blog posts every week.

Today I’ll just give you a life update.


Speaking of onward, I watched Pixar’s most recent film Onward last month. It wasn’t their worst film…and not their best either. But at least I can cross that off my movie list, and at the same time complete the task of watching every Pixar film.

Looks at Soul in the distance through binoculars. Hurry up.

Today is Independence Day! Sits down and tries to decide what to think about that because I’m half British, half American.

I think if American and England ever go to war again, I’m going to become a neutral translator for both sides.

I could tell you one or two things about my various past 4th of July experiences. I was in a parade, disintegrated a glass bottle with a firecracker, fired fireworks off the roof, almost burnt by hand by launching a bottle rocket out of my hand, and took a slow-mo of what happens when you light a firecracker and place it in a cup of water.

Actually I have the video, but I have to have the Premium subscription to upload it?

I have my grandma and friend coming for my little brother’s birthday, so happy birthday to him and yay to their vist!

Writing…I was have a really bad time with writing last month, but I read a small e-book on how to create an unbreakable writing habit, so I’ve been doing so much better at writing daily as of late.


Now, why would that be in the title?

I am so excited! My mother and I are auditioning for parts in the audio dramatized version of Wayfarer by K. M. Weiland! They were looking for people who can do good British accents, so that’s why we went for it. I really hope I get the part I want! 🥳

That’s about it for today!

Wait! Books, books, books…gotta tell you about that. I recently read the first book of the Keep of the Lost Cities, and really liked it! I can’t wait to read boom two. I’ve also been re-reading the Wingfeather Saga. Plus I’ve been working my way through Warriors, which only has 70+ books for me to read.

So that’s what I’ve been doing the last while. COVID-19 has completely messed up my ice skating, and I want to get going on that again. And who agrees wearing a mask is stuffy? 😱

Have a great day with lots of fireworks!

~ Emily

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