Playlist Swap ~Collab with Joy @ Inky RambleBeast~

Good afternoon, subscribers! We are going to have fun today because I’m doing a collaboration with Joy from Inky RambleBeast.

And it’s music collab.

I love music a lot and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the music she sent my way. Let’s go!

Native Tongue by Switchfoot

I loved this song! Very upbeat, which I like. Jon Foreman has a good voice, which is definitely needed in music. The lyrics are wholesome and catchy, and all in all, I would totally recommend this song to anyone. Be sure to watch the music vid up above to hear it.

Here’s the chorus:

My heart is a beating drum
My head in oblivion
My soul, such a long way from
My lips, my lungs, my native tongue

My friend, where did we go wrong?
My Lord, we forgot our sound
My soul, such a long way from
My lips, my lungs, my native tongue

Something Just Like Liszt by ThePianoGuys

This is the best music video I have ever seen. Ever. And there are a lot of music vids out there. So, watch that music video, and here come my thoughts…

I think The Piano Guys did a great job at turning one of Coldplay’s hit songs into a beautiful cello and piano instrumental piece of music that makes you shiver in fascination at it’s musical beauty.

Also I’d recommend Coldplay’s Something Just Like This Remix album.

Voice of Jesus by Andrew Peterson

I love Andrew Peterson for his books. Are you people aware he wrote only the best fantasy fictional series ever? Well, he did, and it’s called The Wingfeather Saga and you must read it this very INSTANT!!!!!!

I think I’ve gotten carried away…anyway, the song.

So, it has great words but it was a little slow for me and I didn’t find Mr. Peterson’s voice the most professional. I personally wouldn’t listen to it constantly, but I can see other people enjoying it more than me. And that’s okay.

Stick with writing Andrew Peterson.

To Glory by Two Steps From Hell

This is an epic piece of music. It’s pretty easy to start drawing up action scenes in your head with this piece of music going, especially if you’re the type of person who builds mental stories when listening to music…which I am.

It’s You by TobyMac

I like Toby Mac. He was my childhood. My dad always had Toby playing. I’d have to say he’s an old family favourite. And his album The Elements brought more great songs, and this song out of it is full of truth.

Great lyrics, great singer, soft yet upbeat. I like Toby Mac because his music is always glorifying to God. Go listen.

Aron on the Wind by Falling Up

I really enjoyed this instrumental piece. It definitely has fantasy feel to it. It’s not upbeat but it would make great background music. I love the piano here. The piano and cello are my favourite instruments…the reason I love the Piano Guys. Also it has a very nice tune. And it’s soothing.

Sinking Deep by Hillsong Young & Free

Last one folks. This one was okay. I didn’t like this folk’s voice though. on the positive side I do like the lyrics a lot and while it’s not very upbeat, I did enjoy the music.

So there we have it! I hoped you all enjoyed. Here is the link to Joy’s half. Also so be sure to subscribe to Inky RambleBeast and maybe me if you are not.

Leave a like if you think I should do a music review/recommendation post in the future!

Emily Signing Out

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