COVID-19 and What We Should Do

COVID-19 is really messing up our lives. We can’t go to sports practice, have large gatherings, or check a book out the library. It’s annoying yet scary. It’s all to easy to be paranoid and assume every object you touch carries the virus, but it’s also all too easy to assume everyone’s just overreacting.

I believe that now is a great time to spread God’s word. People are afraid, but we don’t have to fear. God’s got this. God has a plan for everything, even if we did happen to come down with the virus, for most people, it’s no worse than the flu. So today, I just want to say…don’t fear. We still need to wash our hands and abide by the Coronavirus rules, but that doesn’t mean we need to fear, especially now with allergies coming on, and if you sneeze, chances are you’ve got allergies.

Most COVID-19 cases probably haven’t even been reported because they we’re passed off for colds. The news only makes big deals about the big cases, which are few. And no one under the age of 17 has died of it. So we don’t need to fear, but we do need to pray for those around us who’ve been laid off their jobs because of the Coronavirus. We need to pray for people with bad cases, that they will come to know the Lord through that experience.

Also, extroverts, I understand the pain of not being able to go anywhere! But you come to learn that there’s plenty to do at home even when you’re not socializing. You can check out this blog post, 124 Things To Do When You’re Stuck At Home ~ By Jenna Terese, for some ideas on what to spend your time doing.

I hope you enjoyed this! Have a good day.

~ Emily

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