A Blip on Friendships

I’ve made a lot of ‘friends’ over the years. But sometimes you have to ask yourself who a friend really is.

Is a friend…

  • Someone you’ve met a few times and get along with.


  • Someone you’ve known for years, someone you tell your secrets and dreams to, someone you can trust and rely on.

Obviously the second one.

But how do you get to that point—the point of complete trust?

I have a friend—a cousin actually—who I’ve know since as long as I can remember. He’s three days younger than me and we have been friends so long, we can read one another’s mind. We freely say what we want to say about each other, and a few months back I suddenly realized how strong our friendship was. I’ve never known someone as inside and out as well as him.

You might say that this kind of relationship takes years to obtain thorough countless conversations and hours together.

True, it does.

But what if you don’t happen to have any friends? How does one build this amazing friendship with someone they haven’t known for years?

When I was in China, a girl, about my age, was on the trip with us. Her name was Jolie and it was the first time I had met her. We were both out of comfort zones, being in China, so I didn’t attempt to try and be ‘cool’ or anything like that.

I was just myself and got to know her.

A week after we got home, my grandmother called and said that while in the airport with Jolie, she had mentioned that I was cool.

I was surprised, but I suppose it made sense that we hit off. I was simply myself and made a good, new friend. This applies to all people. Be yourself and you’ll find someone else like you. Jolie certainly was a fun and cool person. As are all my friends.

But how to keep up that relationship? Here’s a few pointers on how to stay good friends.

  • Keep in contact. Don’t expect to stay good friends if you never talk to them. Conversations build trust and loyalty.
  • Ask them how they’re doing. Let them know you care about them by asking how their day’s been.
  • Stick up for them. When you do this, they know someone will always be there for them.

Don’t forget that friendships take time. You can’t instantly hit of with someone and be besties forever just like that. Relationships are built on hours of conversations, time together, and trust.

And don’t be surprised by disagreements. Those are bound to happen. I have disagreements with my best friend all the time.

So there you have it. Friends are great and God put them here for us. Without friends, I would have never got into writing, or art. You can always bounce ideas off friends and comfort them when they’re sad. And they can do the same for you.

Maybe one day I’ll do a post about online friends.

So go and make it a great day. Maybe tell one of your friends how glad you are that you have them around. It’ll make their day.

And maybe leave a comment below about something fun you and your friends have done together.

~ Abi

2 thoughts on “A Blip on Friendships

  1. Hi Chick!
    I like the new updated ‘meaningful content’ thrust in your blog; more meat.
    I think friendships do work better if you are ‘yourself’ or maybe ‘sincere’ or ‘genuine’ could be other words that may describe authenticity. It may be worth exploring the idea of what ‘Be yourself’ really means. Some people aren’t very nice when they choose to be themselves! I think others are most blessed when we exhibit Christ-like character traits and sometimes that requires denying ourselves.
    It would also be beneficial to expand on the advice to ‘Stick up for your friend.’ When would we perhaps not be wise to do this?
    What does the Bible say are the characteristics of a good friend?
    Thanks for writing! Keep up the creativity.
    Love Mum 😉


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