My Chinese Adventure

I’m back from my blogging hiatus!

I’ve certainly had a good time in Hong Kong. A journey to remember and hopefully repeat.

For those who have heard about the Hong Kong protests, don’t worry, we didn’t run into any, though we did see the effects of some.

Before I start telling my tales, here’s some airplane pictures of mine just for fun.

As I stepped off our very tiresome 14 hour flight and boarded the bus that would take us to our final destination, the first thing that struck me about Hong Kong was its stunning mountains.

I can’t describe the mountains. So beautiful! I have some photos of the drive to our apartments.

Pretty crumby photos really. But we crossed some really cool bridges and went through a tunnel which was reeeeally long. And yes they have double-decker buses and drive on the left side of the road there.

The pollution decided it was going to kill my throat the first day. I live in a very unpolluted part of America so my body was unused to that. They say living in Hong Kong and breathing its pollution is equivalent to smoking seven cigarettes a day. So yuck.

They had a gorgeous park near our apartment. The vegetation was so beautiful! And I was the same hight as everyone else for once.

And McDonald’s over there is actually more heathy then American McDonald’s.

I can’t order food in America right anymore because in China hardly any of the waitresses knew much English so you’re always speaking clearly and in broken English. Half the time you wonder if they ever got your full order because they didn’t understand you. 😂

At one restaurant we got an extra dish of something because of that. Ah, so onto Chinese food. Okay, so I ate a fish eyeball.

Just letting that sink in.

It was actually not bad. It didn’t really taste of anything. It was just a grainy texture in my mouth. So I have that experience under my belt.

Chinese people eat chicken feet. Which I didn’t try, but they have really delicious green beans. We went to a restaurant where they roasted and salt and peppered them. So. Good. 👌🏻

And the meat market there is just amazing to walk through. Meat trussed up. Live fish in pans of water. Toads in cages. Muscles that will squirt water at you as you walk by. I did nothing to hurt them!! I don’t know why they squirted water at me!

So in China, anyone selling anything will follow you around, asking if you would like to buy what they have to sell which gets very annoying. So don’t be scared to tell them no. Bartering can get interesting though. I had a salesman drop the price of a camera I was looking at by 50 RMB just because I left his stall. He got excited when I came back the next day and completed the purchase.

As we headed home, the tailwinds were 150 MPH making our return flight a stunning 11 hours. So here I am. Back and successfully over jet lag. And we didn’t catch the Coronavirus. But the day after we left, the Chinese borders shut down because of Coronavirus and after we flew out of L.A., they started checking people for it, so we narrowly missed a few inconveniences there.

I love traveling. I love seeing new things and going new places. Don’t be afraid to explore. I got in trouble once for climbing into the bullpen at a baseball game.

That wasn’t a very rewarding exploration though…but nevertheless.

God must love Chinese people. Because to say the least, there are a lot of them.

~ E

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