Short Blogging Hiatus

Does anyone recognize the skyline on the cover photo?

I sure do. But only because my brother and dad have been bringing pictures of it back for the past four years.

Still haven’t guessed it? Clue: It’s in China…

It’s Hong Kong! Which is where I’ll be by Wednesday! That’s also why I’ll be on hiatus.

Actually I think that’s Shenzhen…which is right across the river, so whatever.

But don’t worry, I’ll only be gone three weeks and I’ll be back with a post on February 1st to tell you all about my trip!

I’m pretty excited. I haven’t been on a plane since I was four…and this is a fifteen hour flight! And a seven hour layover in LA on top of that.

So lots of jet lag…

See you in three weeks, bloggers.


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