2020. It’s Here

It’s Tuesday.

So why am I here?

BECAUSE IT’S THE EVE OF A YEAR, A DECADE! Events and decisions in the coming decade will change our lives! (Well, for us younger people anyway. No offense to old—ummm—not so young people…you may have plans too! Where was this going? I’m not saying you’re old. Someone define old)

Also because I didn’t do a blog post on Saturday…

*Gasp *

I think I’m overreacting…

But you know what’s really fun about the new year? Hanging up all those cute new calendars. Mine has a penguin on it. 🐧🐧🐧

This year has really sped by. It only felt like yesterday that How to Train Your Dragon 3 was in theaters. (I tell time by movie releases now? I need to find some more productive things to do)

Years sped up every time I got another brother. Maybe because I’m taking care of them so much…they are pretty cute though.

(See? Adorable) (Yes, we were having a steampunk party)

In the way of resolutions…no, I don’t really do them. Maybe if I do, it will help stop me procrastinating.


We’ll see.

This year I’m actually going to build my rabbit a new hutch. I’m going to. Yes, I am. I shall. I must. Thissss time.

Late October: Why is Tauriel still in such a small hutch!! This is what we don’t want happening…

So I need to make an apple crumble for the New Years Eve party tonight with no cinnamon on it because my grandmother does not like cinnamon…or I could sneak it in anyway…we’ll see.

Cue evil laugh

No…maybe I shouldn’t.

So see you next year!


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